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The number of Family Violence incidents are on the rise each year. Out of this comes a growing concern for victims' safety and victims' rights.  It takes a community response to assure that victims of Family Violence are informed of their rights, given guidance and support and are properly carried through the criminal justice system.

As part of the community response of Lowndes County, GA, a Family Violence Task force was formed.  This is in compliance with section 19-13-31 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) which states that each judicial circuit shall establish a community Task Force on Family Violence. 

The Lowndes County Family Violence Task Force (LCFVTF) was developed to effectuate coordination between agencies, departments and the courts with victims and perpetrators of Family Violence.  It promotes safety and justice for victims while holding perpetrators accountable and strives to improve the response to Family Violence so as to reduce incidents thereof.  It is vital to the Task Force to have members from each organization which plays a crucial role in the community's response to Family Violence. 

Are you involved with a faith-based organization, law enforcement, education, mental health, social services, victim services or are a survivor of Family Violence? If so, we need your help to better serve the community  of

Lowndes County, GA. 

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Contact us through this website or message us on Facebook (@lcfvtf)

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